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Identify financial goals

Complete Riskalyze questionnaire and receive your generated personal risk number


  • Report all other pertinent financial information
  • Quantify the risk of all current assets


Receive access to your personal financial dashboard to view all of your information in one place


Work with us to build a custom financial plan that satisfies your needs

SWM is not affiliated with any product companies, which allows us to search the market for the most appropriate investments for your future


Revisit your Riskalyze profile to ensure the profile we designed for you is within your tolerance

We will compare your profile against different market behaviors (bull market, bear market, etc.)

Ongoing Reviews

  • Once you are satisfied and your profile is in place, we reccommend that you meet with us periodically (quarterly, bi-anually, or annually)
  • These meetings are for us to ensure your profile still meets your needs, address any lifestyle changes that may require a profile adjustment, and to serve any other needs or answer any other questions you may have